Francesco Moretti

Fincons Group Deputy CEO

Fincons Group CEO Michele Moretti son, management engineering graduate, is Fincons Deputy CEO

After graduating in Management Engineering in 2006 at Bergamo University – Italy, Francesco Moretti started his career in 2007 with an international internship at Essroc (Italcementi Group) in Pennsylvania, USA. This experience provided Francesco with a clear understanding of how international businesses work and how business is carried out in the USA specifically.

As digital platform architects we are focused on helping customers embrace and leverage digitalisation, actually creating tailored solutions for the media giants that need them.
— Francesco Moretti

Francesco started his professional life in Fincons Group even prior to university when, alongside his father the CEO Michele Moretti, he lived and breathed the company’s business culture and experienced its expansion throughout Italy and in Switzerland. After working in the USA he therefore naturally resolved to apply his skills to Fincons Group.

Working his way through the company, Francesco tackled different roles, actively taking part in consolidating the Group’s business and market positioning and becoming Deputy CEO in 2013. In this role, he supports the CEO Michele Moretti in defining the company’s strategic direction and is driving the Group’s internationalization, managing the opening of the new office in UK in 2016 and in USA (New York and Los Angeles) in 2017.

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