Smart Shore


The “made in Italy” Smart Shore model is an alternative to the offshore version, which helps to make the FINCONS GROUP’s range of services even more interesting for international clients.

The delivery center offers 2 services:

  • Application Management

    Providing quality and reliability, while offering high value-added services.

  • System Building

    Developing customised “turnkey” projects.

A 35 years experience pursuing quality and customer satisfaction while focusing on data and process security:

  • A work team of more than 400 dedicated, highly qualified staff (90% graduates), with a negligible staff turnover
  • Expertise on a wide range of technologies
  • Highly tested working methodology
  • Modern organized facility
  • Different languages thanks to continuous Group investments in training
  • Use of the Fincons Group’s network and collaboration with local universities

Our strengths

  • Consulting & Business process knowledge

    • Industry know-how

    • Group established methodology that allows the effective optimisation of the software production process

    • Continuous investment in innovation to guarantee constant growth in technology and processes

  • Best-of-breed solutions & technological expertise

    • Solutions tailoring for different industries

    • Cutting-edge, market-related technological skills

    • Established methodology: proximity to the client through the onsite presence of a Project Manager, along with dedicated remote teams

  • High quality & Competitive costs

    • Dedicated onsite and/or remote work teams

    • Continuous Group investments in training and language courses

    • Engagement of resources for the company: minimum turnover to guarantee continuity and quality for the client

    • Competitive costs compared with other countries


The Fincons Group’s methodology for application management and system building services provides onsite management with the client in terms of Project Management. The team closely works with the Bari Delivery Center in modern organized facility. The organisational structure of the Delivery Center comprises:

  1. 1 Governance

    • Manages and coordinates efficient operations
    • Identifies opportunities to improve the quality of services
    • Compiles reports on the SLA and KPI agreed with the client.
  2. 2 AM Service’s

    • “Single Point of Contact”, serving as the single reference point for any requests from the counterparty
    • Working as the central Help Desk in charge of gathering any requests from clients made by their users
    • Classifying the requests according to their type and priority for action and then sending them to the Delivery Center
    • Managing the state of progress of requests and compiling reports for the client
  3. 3 Delivery

    • Carry out corrective and upgrading maintenance work for the AM Service
    • Perform software development for turnkey projects
    • Support the AM service on technological and infrastructural aspects
    • Ensure the smooth operation of the technological infrastructure
  4. 4 Competence Center

    • Supports the AM Service and the Delivery Center with the FINCONS GROUP network
    • Provides methodological and documentation standards for the management of projects and the AM Service
    • Manages document archiving for various projects
    • Supports the organization and provision of training

Quality & Security

  • Analysis Quality

    The functional and technical specifications are clearly set out for users, developers and test engineers, using recognized and certified tools.

  • Test Quality

    The Quality Assurance (QA) team is comprised of the same functional analysts who developed the analysis. It already understands the business needs and keeps time and costs under control.

  • Code Quality

    The best code quality is guaranteed by constantly sharing the architecture, standards, naming, metrics, etc, with the client, as well as by holding monitoring sessions with the client.

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