Media Expertise

Our expertise stems from the experience we gained supporting leading media companies, seeking out new opportunities and leveraging new growth: from immersive customer experiences to multi-platform distribution.

Rights Management
& Programming

Maximizing the value of content assets represents a key objective for a media company.

With the expansion of delivery content platforms, a new generation of multi-dimensional right management tools is required to revamp audience engagement and enhance viewer’s relationships.

FINCONS GROUP rights management and programming practice works with leading international broadcasters to maximize value on choosing suitable IT solutions and optimizing both purchases and content management processes.

Production Management
& Control

Managing and controlling internal content production is a fundamental aspect of the cost saving process.

Innovation starts with revising workflow processes and creates lasting value when optimizing the modern digital supply chain. The productive process management’s optimization translates into an efficient allocation of resources and the start up of costs control procedures to guarantee compliance with the total balance sheet.

FINCONS GROUP production management practice has twofold experience with both broadcasters (developing solutions of content production management) and publishers (operating on production process control).

Multimedia Advertising

Leveraging innovative multiplatform and dynamic offers while capitalizing on powerful data and tools must be a key priority for companies hoping to compete in the future.

The variety of platforms and devices used to reach consumers today is changing the advertising approach, from “Channel-driven” to “Advertiser-centric.” Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn and how they buy products. (Or: "Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products.") Large media operators had to create new processes to manage complex offerings on several platforms.

FINCONS GROUP Multimedia advertising practice has been working with leading advertising agencies supporting Digital transformation thought IT system evolution, new advertising placement stream and sales forecast.

& Mobile Apps

Reaching customers wherever they spend time and buy products is key to success.

The demand for mobile internet connections has drastically expanded – tablets and smartphones. The traditional Web-centric internet paradigm changed towards an Application-centric on line model.

FINCONS GROUP Portals and Mobile Apps practice has been helping leading enterprises in this disruption to shape new experiences and create new generation of cross-platform that reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Multi-Screen Video Services

The convergence of Broadband and Broadcast has generated the opportunity for new user experiences and new services, implying a strong transformation in consumer’s behaviour and expectations, with a growing request of on-demand content available at anytime on any device.

There is therefore a need for media companies to take advantage of this trend in order to strengthen their position in the evolving media ecosystem, redefining their priorities and shaping their role, offer and go-to market strategies.

The new wave of multi-screen video distribution needs not only to be available on a variety of platforms, devices and business models, but also to be efficient and cost effective. Innovative solutions have to be introduced for flexible content packaging and metadata management, orchestration of multi-media preparation processes, content usage reporting and analytics, coherent user experience on multi-devices.

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