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April 06th, 2017

Founded in 2011, WCP Media Services is a Swiss company with offices in Europe and the United States that provides services for digital media content management and distribution.

The WCP team can rely on the contribution of senior experts from major market players, having significant global experience in IT and Media sector.

WCP Media Services offers to several players in the audiovisual sector (content producers, distributors, broadcasters, laboratories, etc…) an integrated platform in cloud for digital asset management, able to handle files storage and their transcoding and distribution in different formats, to different customers and business partners. This allows to optimize timing and costs of asset workflow distribution, as effectively described in the WCP slogan:

"We harness technology, experience and know-how to simplify and demystify the global content distribution workflow for our customers".

WCPMedia Services’ NEEDS

In order to realize this idea, WCP Media Services needed a technological partner with a strong experience in innovative solution in media market.

FINCONS GROUP's solution

FINCONS GROUP has collaborated with WCP for the development of the integrated platform, supporting the whole end-to-end digital content management and workflow: WCPApp.

The project was quite challenging, due to the development of a new application easy to use, in order to simplify the operators’ complex and time-consuming activities, and with a wide range of functionalities, able to cover the entire assets management process.

In particular, the solution enables WCP customers (thanks to a personal web profiled access) to use the following functionalities:

  • online upload and storage of digital assets and metadata (including collateral);
  • automatic creation, management and transfer of contents previews;
  • workflow management for content production;
  • automatic transcoding, supporting different profiles (Telestream and Harmonic Rhozet integration);
  • file transfer management (Signiant integration) to different recipients.

In order to reach this goal FINCONS GROUP has developed both WCPApp frontend components and the backend components, in addition to the integration with external systems through web services.

FINCONS GROUP, together with WCP team, has managed every phase of the implementation project: from the functional design to development and test phases.

Moreover, a new version of WCPApp has been released for iOS and Android tablets for screeners management: each user can view the content catalogue (received or own ones) through a “virtual screening room”.


Thanks to the WCPApp, WCP Media Services enables its clients to simplify and reduce infrastructural and management costs related to content logistics, decreasing considerably distribution costs and guaranteeing an high level of security.
Through virtual screening room functionalities, WCP clients are able to promote their contents toward different distribution channels only with a click.

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