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April 06th, 2017

Sky, the Italian digital pay television, was founded on July 31st 2003 upon a very simple idea: to offer to Italian viewers the best national and international television programs using the most innovative technology. Sky Italia belongs 100% to 21st Century Fox and since its foundation, Sky has begun a solid policy of investment and has involved many Italian partners in the development of the editorial project.

The Sky digital platform consists of 170 themed and pay-per-view channels, and more than 80 themed audio and digital radio channels. Since the platform’s launch, the package that Sky proposes to its subscribers has constantly grown, expanding to over 90 new channels.

Sky Italia’s needs

The Sky Italia offering has been recently enriched with two additional Video On Demand (VOD) services: Sky Go, the new OTT service, and Sky On Demand, on internet connected Set-Top Boxes (STBs).

Due to the growing request for on demand contents, Sky Italia decided to introduce new VOD service dedicated to the “digital native” audience and all those who are not yet Sky subscribers.

This brought in 2014 to the launch of Sky Online: the new way to experience the Sky world, anytime anywhere, using a simple Internet connection, without constraints and paying only once a month or event by event.

FINCONS GROUP’s solution

Sky Italia architecture strategy for this new service was to select the best components to cover the different architectural elements – building its own overall solution – instead of adopting an end to end OTT platform.

Following this strategy, FINCONS GROUP helped Sky Italia in implementing the Sky Online platform through the development of three main components:

  • e-commerce platform;
  • Content Management System; (CMS)
  • web portal.

For the e-commerce component, the solution implemented by FINCONS GROUP is based on a “verticalization” of the open-source software Magento – one of the leading eCommerce platforms – to address the specific needs of an advanced OTT service.

The main concepts introduced in the customized release of Magento are:

  • object model representing entities such as linear channels, events, series, episodes, subscriptions, etc;
  • application logic enabling the different business models (SVOD, TVOD, PPV on linear channels / events, etc);
  • interfaces towards the typically involved systems (BMS, VCMS, ERP, CRM, etc.).

Relying on Magento Enterprise Edition, FINCONS GROUP has in this way extended the system in order to adapt it to the OTT scenario.


For the CMS component, FINCONS GROUP has improved the existing solution to covers the whole content lifecycle, including:

  • Content Preparation Coordination (from content ingestion to essences publication);
  • Editorial Enrichment (service, offer and product presentation);
  • Catalogue Publication.

FINCONS GROUP has also implemented the Sky online web portal, that enables the viewers to:

  • browse and view content available in the catalogue;
  • purchase selected content (for the TVOD offering);
  • self caring activities.

A flexible and tailored offering such as Sky Online allows those who are not yet Sky subscribers to experience the huge variety and quality of Sky programming anytime and anywhere with just relying on a internet-connected device (Pc, Mac, iPad, Samsung tablets, Samsung Smart Tv, Playstation 3 and 4); the software developed by FINCONS GROUP is the real enabler for that innovative service.

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