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April 06th, 2017

Sky, the Italian digital pay television, was founded on July 31st 2003 upon a very simple idea: to offer to Italian viewers the best national and international television programmes using the most innovative Technology.

By December 31st 2012 the number of subscribers had reached 4,830,000. The television audience was estimated to be more 15 million viewers, and according to Auditel figures, the average platform share had exceeded 9%, a figure four times greater than the one registered during the first months of transmission.

Since its foundation, Sky has begun a solid policy of investment and has involved many Italian partners in the realisation of the editorial project.

The digital platform effectively takes advantage of the professionalism of numerous themed channel editors, but also of the production companies involved in the making of programmes and new formats for films, sports and news channels.

Thanks to this productive effort, the platform broadcasts every year over 39,000 hours of self-produced television programmes, without considering repeats and the channels’ self-promotions . The digital platform consists of 190 themed and pay-per-view channels, that offer extraordinary high-quality choice, with a show schedule worked out for the whole family, and with more than 80 themed audio and digital radio channels.

Since the platform’s launch, the package that Sky proposes to its subscribers has constantly grown, expanding to over 90 new channels. Sky is the first Italian television channel to have broadcast in HD and live in 3D, and it offers a package of 57 channels in high definition and a channel entirely dedicated to programmes in 3D. Sky Italia belongs 100% to News Corporation.

Sky Italia needs

Sky Italia has begun a modernisation project of its Corporate site, the online showcase for Sky, with the aim of creating charming graphics, optimal content organisation, as well as being multi-lingual.

Sky has also decided to simplify communication, through the web-site, with journalists and press agents, responding therefore to the need to convey its offering (also through the distribution of multimedia content previews), TV audience, main Sky press news and polls.

For the technical realisation of the website, Sky Italia has looked for a partner with great website development experience and knowledge of Sky’s specific background.

FINCONS GROUP’s solution

Thanks to the strengthened collaborative relationship and the numerous experiences with web portal implementation projects, Sky Italia has chosen FINCONS GROUP for the realisation of the new Corporate website, which will also be entirely integrated into and accessible from the principal site Sky has entrusted FINCONS GROUP with the complete planning process, from analysis to technological realisation.

In particular, the FINCONS GROUP team has been responsible for the following phases:

  • definition of website navigation tree and of functionalities that have to be available in the different sections and in accordance with user profiling, based on Sky’s business requirements and in collaboration with the creative agency responsible for the graphic specifications;
  • definition and realisation of the technological solution for the platform and IT architecture, in collaboration with Sky Italia’s web services;
  • implementation of the Content Management System (CMS) to support the functionalities of content updates and authorization’s workflow for the publication of pages;
  • website go-live and post go-live support for user administrators.

The site allows access to information related to:

  • the Sky company (business, offices and top management profiles);
  • Sky’s social and environmental initiatives;
  • jobs research, with the possibility of sending curricula and candidacies for job openings;
  • the “Press Room” where the official sky notices are published.

The Press Room section takes on particular strategic relevance within the website, allowing Sky to directly create a communication channel with accredited journalists, simplifying the distribution of press releases, multimedia material – such as previews , of television events or photographic exhibitions – and facilitate the company’s visibility in the media. Through a personal access to the website, journalists are able to: see messages and notifications sent from Sky to individual journalists or to a specific category or newspaper, save selected articles and photographs, indicate specific categories of interest about which they want to receive information.


On the one hand, the new website has allowed users a simpler and more immediate access to information about the company Sky and, on the other, a greater ease for Sky in terms of the management and publication of contents.

Above all, what has changed through the website is the mode of interaction with journalists and press agencies, guaranteeing a preferred communication channel for Sky’s offers and achievements.

The site therefore represents what have always been the cornerstones of Sky Italia’s strategy: simplicity, technological innovation, an offering that is increasingly closer to customers’ needs.

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