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April 06th, 2017

The Sky brand is based on top entertainment, outstanding quality and exclusivity as the main distinguishing features to set itself apart from competition.

The core business of Sky is subscription pay TV and its focus is on entertaining and exciting customers with a combination of programming highlights, cutting-edge innovations and great customer service.

Sky provides an extensive HD offering on the German and Austrian markets with a total of up to more than 80 HD channels (as of January 2014).

SKY Deutschland's needs

In 2010 Sky Deutschland started a strategic initiative aimed at launching a Video On Demand (VOD) and live streaming service to distribute its premium content through new media channels.

Despite the initial focus on the web channel, the evaluation criteria adopted to select the solution have always been driven by the need to identify a “MultiScreen” platform, enabling content distribution to multiple devices, from PCs to game consoles (e.g. Xbox, Playstation), from tablets (e.g. Ipad, Android) to smartphones (e.g. IPhone, Windows Mobile).

Sky Go platform allows Sky Deutschland subscribers to use the service via a second set-top box and on their PCs and mobile devices and includes movies and sports on-demand as well as live streaming of top class sport events.

FINCONS GROUP's solution

FINCONS GROUP in partnership with Polymedia – now Piksel, Kit Digital Group – implemented both the Web TV back-end system and frontend web sites of “Sky Go”, the new multi-screen offer of Pay TV operator Sky Deutschland, available in Germany and Austria.

The technological challenge of this project is not only to repurpose TV contents on new channels and different devices, but to enable new users’ paradigms and business models and to make the multi-platform content management processes effective and efficient.

The back-end platform is centered around a single multi-screen management system, which today allows managing contents for the new Sky Go platform and also creates an open infrastructure designed to sustain the future growth of these new services:

  • providing a single and integrated back-end enabling marketing and editorial teams to control the whole content and asset life-cycle and to orchestrate the new multi-screen offering, thus making multi-screen content and asset management efficient;
  • supporting the new business applications of today and tomorrow, as required by a market in continuous evolution.

Sky Go on the web project results from the fruitful collaboration of Sky Deutschland with FINCONS GROUP – acting as main contractor and system integrator – and Polymedia, software vendor and integrator, and implied a tight cooperation with several other suppliers involved in the Sky Deutschland ICT infrastructure.

Core technology of the project is the Polymedia suite, which integrates a flexible Content and Media Asset Management System with end-to-end cross-channel business applications (Web and Catch-up TV, Linear and VOD, etc.):

  • Polymedia Video, Multi-screen Content and Media Asset Management System;
  • Polymedia VideoJukeBox, outof-the-box solution for Video On Demand;
  • Polymedia Show, smart video player, supporting both Microsoft and Flash technology;
  • Polymedia Guard, content protection suite (DRM), based on Microsoft Play Ready technology.


A unique back-end system enables Sky teams to efficiently orchestrate both asset management and editorial workflows along the content life-cycle.

The integration of publishing workflows and the introduction of effective automation procedures – as also the availability of out-of-the-box business applications – lead to:

  • a significant optimization of the editorial effort;
  • a measurable time-to-market reduction for the launch of new video-driven services;
  • a wider scalability of organization and services.

“This was a challenging and ambitious project, where we had to coordinate and synchronize several activities on the development of the new media platform, the enhancement of our legacy systems and the review of our internal operations. I am proud Sky Deutschland is among the pioneers of the digital content distribution innovation wave”.

Mauro Di Pietro Paolo, Vice President Information Technology, Sky Deutschland

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