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Sky is Europe's leading entertainment company, serving 22.5 million customers across five countries - UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. The company has annual revenues of £12.9 billion and is Europe’s leading investor in television content with annual programming spend of over £6 billion.


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March 20th, 2018

The Project

With many years’ experience bringing entertainment and latest technology to consumers, Sky has decided to export a new digital streaming service in Spain, that is a country where the Sky’s satellite service is not provided. Thanks to this contract-free subscription TV service, Spain has become the first country which has a completely digital presence of Sky.

The new service offers a selection of Spanish pay-TV channels, TV series and on demand movies with a monthly fee. It is available to anyone in Spain with an internet connection through apps on iOS and android devices, web and on TV using Sky’s streaming box that is powered by the Roku streaming platform. Contents are available on up to three devices at the same time.

Fincons Group’s solution

After an internal assessment, Sky has chosen the experience of Fincons Group to launch the new digital service in Spain. Fincons has worked with Sky (Sky Italy, Sky Deutschland, Sky UK) in many different projects, supporting over the years its digital and technological transformation.

The new Spanish service leans towards the Now TV model. In particular, the e-commerce platform and the Content Management System (CMS), previously implemented in Sky Italy‘s Now TV solution (previously Sky Online), have been adapted and reused in this new project.

For the e-commerce component, the solution implemented by Fincons Group is based on a “verticalization” of the open-source software Magento – one of the leading e-commerce platforms – to address the specific needs of an advanced OTT service. This customized release of Magento is based on three main concepts:

  • object model representing entities such as linear channels, episodes, movies, subscriptions, etc;
  • application logic enabling the different business models (e.g. SVOD);
  • interfaces towards the typically involved systems (BMS, VCMS, ERP, CRM, etc.).

Relying on Magento Community Edition, Fincons Group has in this way extended the system in order to adapt it to the OTT scenario.


The CMS component covers the content lifecycle, including:

  • Editorial Enrichment (service, offer and product presentation)
  • Multichannel Catalogue Publication


This flexible and tailored offering is designed for people who want complete flexibility without the fuss of a contract. Viewers simply sign up online and can begin to watch immediately on mobiles, tablets and TVs, with the ability to start and stop payments when they want to.

The software developed by Fincons Group is the real enabler of this innovative service.

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