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March 19th, 2018


In an era where fruition of content and news delivery had been disrupted by new media such as user generated content and social media platforms, it is critical that AP remains competitive. The goal is winning the competition thanks to new capabilities that help to serve the world’s appetite for timely, verified and exhaustive information and with reviewed processes used to manage contents and engage customers.
By overhauling the way content is packaged and delivered to customers, AP is stepping up to the challenge of keeping up with evolving customer demand.


The Associated Press has selected Fincons Group to propose new processes and integrate best of breed solutions in the AP technology landscape.
As system integrator, the Group has developed a clear understanding of how these processes usually work and what challenges may be faced with when tackling this type of update.
Fincons has an extensive experience in the development and integration of digital commerce solutions thanks to work devising, trialling and adapting its Commerce4Media solution.

Commerce4Media is a software platform – based on Magento Enterprise Edition – co-created with Sky to realize the needs for a pricing model personalisation of video services, with a “ready-to-use” application component which provides content commerce and monetization advanced functionalities.

First used to adapt broadcasters’ pricing and product delivery, the product has a huge potential to be adapted to other aspects of the news and media business.


Fincons’ process defines a clear road-map with review stages and implementation phases clearly set out and with measurable outcomes.

Setting out a clear roadmap is a key part of the consultancy stage and implementation, with suggestions about particular technology coming in at a later stage in an environment of total vendor-neutrality that is driven only by the need to deliver a solution that really works.

Activities are planned to be executed by an on-site team (AP offices in New York), with some back office activities performed remotely (Fincons offices in Italy). Areas of work:

Product Definition

  • Definition of new Atomic Content Sets structure
  • Setup of a Monetization Engine and customization of the logics that enable Offering Definition as aggregation of Atomic Content Sets
  • Definition of Offer Template with pricing rules/bundling & discount policies in the AP Catalog

Opportunity Management/Transaction Licensing

  • Integration via web services between the AP Catalog and the Opportunity Management System in order to transfer commercial logics in the opportunity management stage
  • Enablement of self-service transaction-based business, through eCommerce catalogue publishing

Entitlement Rules

  • Integration between AP Catalog and the Entitlement System(s) in order to implement Automatic Entitlement Rules Creation


The Business Capability project will support the retention of important customers as their needs evolve and enable AP to attract and serve tomorrow’s customers, through the introduction of flexible business models.
It will be easier for customers to work with them in ways that are natural to their content, workflow and requirements; therefore, vital to their business.

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